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The Scream Machine reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone at any time. Unruly behavior, destruction of property, assaulting performers, or any other unacceptable behavior is grounds for immediate removal. If necessary, the police will be called to report any such behavior.

While inside, you will experience effects such as darkness and low visibility conditions, strobe lighting/colored lighting, fog, loud sounds and music, moving/shaking floors, inclines, declines, steps, and swinging doors.

We strongly advise that you SHOULD NOT PARTICIPATE if you are pregnant or live with the following: asthma or other respiratory conditions, heart conditions, seizures, physical injury, recovery/surgical recovery, or any other medical/mental health issues which could be brought on, triggered, worsened, exacerbated by the environmental effects listed above.

Those showing signs of intoxication, and those who threaten to touch, hit, or otherwise assault actors, staff, sets, and crew will NOT be permitted entry to the establishment. No exceptions will be made. These behaviors present a serious risk to the safety and well-being of other patrans, staff, and the establishment. If observed engaging in the behavior listed above or touching sets, engaging in destructive, disruptive, or threatening behaviors while inside the haunt, you will be ejected from the attraction by security.

Smoking, eating, drinking, running, open flame, use of cell phones, outside light sources, photography, videography, and touching of the actors or props are NOT allowed inside the attraction!

All sales are final, there are NO REFUNDS. If you have more questions about the health & safety policy and guidelines, you can call (313) 666-FEAR or email The Scream Machine at for more information.

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